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It is never too early to prepare for the unexpected

Why choose Ortech Defence Systems?

Creative and innovative defence engineering

Compliance with highest state security authorities regulations

Defence solutions for uninterrupted living and working routines

Solutions designed for self-assembly, service and dissemble

Modular solutions that grow with your security needs

Visual integration with existing architecture to preserve user experience

End-to-end costumer care and support

Ortech Defence systems Ltd. specializes in the design, production and turn-key implementations of defence and protection solutions for private, public, governmental and military buildings, sites and structures. The company’s solutions shield against terror attacks, blasts, fragments, ballistics, forced entries and earthquakes.

  • Shielding existing, new and mobile buildings, sites and structures, against Blast, fragments, ballistics and earthquakes
  • Protecting hazardous materials containers
  • Cabling and pipe systems protection
  • Survivability reports and assessment

Ortech uses proprietary flexible, lightweight and easy to implement composite materials elements that comply with the highest standards and requirements for protection against various threats levels.
Ortech has 12 years of experience in providing advanced defence solutions for national and international customers, including the Israeli Defense Forces and Ministry of Defense, embassies, banks, food and pharmaceuticals plants, energy, chemicals, data centers and high-technology industries.


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