Gain Protection Insight with Our Professional Services

Ortech’s comprehensive professional services, including design and analysis, field and laboratory testing, and survivability reports, deliver valuable protection insights and ensure maximum solution compatibilities.


Tap into Next Level Protection Solutions

Leveraging unique experience with defense agencies, while constantly engaging with novel technologies, we deliver game-changing multi-threat solutions, keeping your personnel and assets safe anytime, anywhere.

Expert Services

Survivability Reports

Conducted by highly experienced engineers, our field reports thoroughly examine your site and facility’s survivability, covering all types of physical threats, including blasts, ballistics, shrapnel and forced entry, and their optional protective countermeasures. The final report provides a clear and comprehensive risk map that enhances decision-making and ensures the best protection for your people, equipment and facilities, at a minimum cost with limited interference and restrictions.


Field and Laboratory Tests

Ortech designs and performs anti-blast tests for a vast range of size and complexity levels. Using a variety of countermeasures to simulate diverse real threats, these tests validate the efficacy and functionality of defense products, structures and systems, while providing compliance assurance. Using advanced pressure sensors and high-speed cameras, Ortech’s team delivers an end-to-end solution, from design and execution through to issuing field test reports.


Counter Drone Protection

Ortech introduces the next level of physical anti-drone protection designed to shield private and public institutions, and military installations. A first of its kind, roof-mounted grids and panels, developed from lightweight composite materials, provide structures with long-lasting passive protection against suicide and bomb-dropping drones. Investigated through a series of field tests, the grids and panels were verified as highly effective.

Structural Blast Retrofits

Using proprietary HFRP composite material panels, Ortech hardens and reinforces existing structures, including windows, doors and glass elements, as well as retrofitting them with safe rooms,

to create a high level of protection from blast, shock waves and fragments. Specializing in technical integration, Ortech’s team carefully choose and aggregate the different components into a fully functional system.  

HFRP Composite Wall Protection Panels

Made from a unique composite material containing fiber-reinforced plastic, these innovative panels provide an exceptionally strong and lightweight coating. Applied externally or internally on existing standard structures, HFRP panels protect against blast hits, fragmentation, ballistics and forced entry. Anti-blast and ballistic doors and windows can be integrated into structures to provide complete protection.  

Prefabricated Protected Containers

When planning a complex, rapid operational deployment in a hostile environment, functional and vital workspaces require the protection and safety of personnel and fragile equipment. Designed specifically for this purpose and equipped with all necessary features for immediate operation, Prefabricated Protected Containers provide a safe workspace.

Hazardous Material Container Protection

The patent-pending Protector provides comprehensive protection from hazardous material containers, pipes, pumps and processing facilities, while enabling continuous operation. Constructed with advanced armored steels, Protector shields against blast, shock waves and shrapnel. Small and light, Protector facilitates fast construction and disassembly by untrained personnel requiring no special tools.

Airdome Radar and Structure Protection

Reinforced with conventional solid surface ballistic protection, Airdome provides resistance against a wide range of blast incidents. Rapidly deployed, this advanced solution creates an electromagnetically transparent and safe space for a fully functional and concealed antenna operation, as well as structures of varied sizes, while absorbing blasts from nearby explosions.

Perimeter Blast Buffer Fences

Ortech’s Perimeter Blast Buffer Fence shields essential equipment and structures from nearby blasts and ballistics. Designed and constructed with reinforced cement and Ortech’s HFRP protective panels (based on specific site threats) the fence optimizes functionality and resistance for any defense line – from a small gap to the perimeter of the entire campus, while integrating with any secured port or gateway.

Shielded Bunker Rooftops

Based on modular composite envelope units, Ortech’s shielded tiles allow for the construction of lightweight, modular bunker rooftops, which provide extra vertical protection from direct and near hits.

This cutting-edge solution delivers maximum design flexibility in accordance with user requirements.

RPG Protection

Ortech’s RPG Protection safeguards against acute or permanent threats to vital services, government, communications, energy, airports, oil & gas and other essential infrastructure buildings and facilities. Designed for existing or new structure protection, this advanced solution is lightweight and transparent for transmission and radar communication, providing high efficacy against various threat levels.

Subterranean Warfare

Ortech provides existing tunnel reinforcement and engineering capabilities to enhance the safety of military and border police personnel, operating and training underground against military, homeland security and criminal threats.
Our subterranean warfare solutions include the installation of electrical, air and communications systems, as well as the construction and obstruction of underground elements using dry concrete spraying technology.

Rapid Deployment Protective Walls

Integrating various solutions in a smart and efficient manner, Ortech has developed the lightest and thinnest rapid deployment walls to provide immediate protection, concealment and isolation for the VIP movement. Easily deployed and disassembled, this modular solution enables sterile separation of halls,

temporary wall thickening, and the protection of passages and exposed areas against various threat levels.