Protecting an Entire Country

How attacks on Israel led to the development
of next generation protection solutions

Faced with various threats over the decades, ranging from terror to rocket assaults on the civilian population, Israel instructed all houses, apartments, offices and factories to have a safety room or area. Equivalent to shelters, these spaces have 30-centimeter wide armored concrete walls and anti-blast windows and doors.

While easily implemented in new buildings, the novel solution posed a serious challenge to existing buildings. Reinforcing a room or protected area in hundreds of thousands of apartments, offices and factories with armored concrete walls is impractical and dangerous.

Not only does it require subtracting significant room space, but the addition of hundreds of tons of concrete to the building means destabilizing the entire structure. Additional challenges include the need to close down industrial and government centers during the process, and the inability to perform hot assembly at some sites, due to dangerous materials or sensitive equipment.

To address this challenge, Ortech set out to develop a solution to protect existing public, commercial and residential buildings from current threats. Using composite materials, the company created a highly effective wall-hardening solution and installed anti-blast doors and windows to provide a safe area. Its light weight allowed the new solution to be implemented on high floors with limited impact on the load and weight of the building.

Quick and easy to implement, our solutions were designed to provide protection of structures, people and equipment within a very short time frame, without requiring structural changes or disrupting operational continuity. Developed with a dynamic mindset, these solutions are modular and can be easily expanded or dismantled according to changing needs. As a result, we’ve been able to assist municipal and national defense and security experts to carry out their tasks better, faster and safer.  

Our team of experienced protection advisers is at your service. We would be happy to share our know-how and assist you in protecting people and assets.